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Code of Conduct

HYSC Eligibility & Code of Conduct
The Harvest Years Senior Center promotes the physical, mental, and social well-being of its members. By providing enrichment opportunities through classes, workshops and events, participants can gain knowledge and skills, overcome isolation, gain access to essential services, and enhance their health through the congregate nutrition program and an array of fitness classes and activities. Maintaining a welcoming, orderly and safe atmosphere is essential to the successful operation of the Center.

It is the policy of the Harvest Years Senior Center to ensure compliance with Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Americans With Disabilities Act, as well as related statutes and regulations to the end that no person shall be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, age, religion, disability or national origin.

Please read the following information carefully, sign and date, then submit the signed document to a representative at the Reception desk.
  1. Be 50 years of age or older (please note-due to funding agency regulations, some activities must be limited to participants of 60 years or older, or a fee may be assessed for participants under the age of 60).
  2. Designate a current emergency contact person whose information is kept up to date.
  3. Be able to understand and follow simple directions.
  4. Have the cognitive ability to recognize time and space. If an individual does not have this ability, she/he must have an aid, assistant, or caregiver present to accompany and assist them at all times.
  5. Be able to navigate independently in a manner safe to themselves and others, or if not, have an aid, assistant, or caregiver present to accompany and assist them at all times.
  6. Be ambulatory with the assistance of a wheelchair or other personal assisted device, and be able to provide and maintain any personal assisted devices for ambulation, or if not, have an aid, assistant, or caregiver present to accompany them at all times.
  7. Be continent of bowel and bladder or be able to self-manage incontinence tissues.
  8. Practice appropriate hygiene.
  9. Be able to care for one self (eating, toileting, etc.), or if not, have an aid, assistant, or caregiver present to accompany and assist them at all times.
Code of Conduct

1. Please, be considerate of others by setting a positive example. Treat others with kindness, courtesy, and respect. Take a moment to say hello to others or introduce yourself to a "newcomer." Harvest Years Senior Center operation is dependent on volunteers and we encourage you to join our volunteer family. Volunteers should always be treated respectfully.

2. Please refrain from using abusive, threatening, insulting, or suggestive language and avoid making comments, slurs, or epithets. Should you at any time be made to feel uncomfortable by the language or behavior of others, please immediately notify the, Executive Director. 
3. Refrain from engaging in (or threatening) physical violence, assault, or battery, including but not limited to unwanted/unsolicited harmful touching by the use of hands, arms, feet or legs which may include pushing, kicking, biting, spitting and punching. Acts of retaliation against another member, making him/her experience feelings of fear or uneasiness, are prohibited.
4. To protect and enhance the life of our facility and furnishings, food and drinks are not permitted in the lobby areas or the Computer Desk.
5. Please, be considerate of others when using the facility. Keep feet off of chairs, tables, counters, and treat furnishings, facilities and equipment with care. Reclining or sleeping on the furniture is prohibited.  

6. When using the HYSC parking lot, please adhere to posted signs regarding and right of way.
7. Should you wish to circulate a petition or survey, sell tickets for an organization or event, or take photographs in the Center, please seek the approval of the ,Program Planner, Executive Director. Some types of activities are prohibited in a public building, such as soliciting money for personal use and soliciting personal business.  

8. Harvest Years Senior Center is a recreational facility offering programming for individuals, 50 and older, with the ability to independently maneuver through the Center and participate in activities. Individuals must also be able to care for themselves while partaking in Center activities. Center staff will determine if members are required to be accompanied by a care attendant when participating in programs at the Center. Individuals needing assistance (memory impairment, incontinence, wheelchair bound, etc.) may conditionally participate in Center activities with the aid of a care attendant or family member. The care attendant is required to remain on the premises for the duration of the visit at Harvest Years Senior Center. Care attendants meeting the eligibility criteria (50 and older) are encouraged to participate in Center activities. If a member is unable to function independently without a care attendant we cannot accompanied them without a care attendant.
9. If any program, funded by a private or government agency, seeks to send a group of two or more clients to HYSC for services, those individuals must be accompanied by a representative of that agency or organization.
Senior Center members returning to the Center in violation of the suspension order will be asked to leave by Senior Center staff. Should this approach be unsuccessful, public safety personnel (Police) will be called to protect the safety and welfare of others.

 10. The Board of Directors of Harvest Years Senior Center has determined that the possession of a deadly weapon, as defined by 11 Delaware Code, Section 222 (5), as amended, on the premises and/or its vehicles is detrimental to the safety and welfare of members, staff, and visitors. It is prohibited.
Violation of this policy may result in immediate expulsion of the offender and the matter may
be reported to law enforcement officials.

(“Deadly weapon” includes a firearm, as defined in subdivision (11) of this section, a bomb, a knife of any sort (other than an ordinary pocketknife carried in a closed position), switchblade knife, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, metal knuckles, slingshot, razor, bicycle chain or ice pick or any dangerous instrument, as defined in subdivision (4) of this section, which is used, or attempted to be used, to cause death or serious physical injury.  For the purpose of this definition, an ordinary pocketknife shall be a folding knife having a blade not more than 3 inches in length.)
11. Attend a Harvest Years program with illness or fever that could be transmitted to other members.
The above listed behaviors are considered inappropriate and therefore prohibited in all Harvest Years Senior Center programs. Management will determine when behavior is inappropriate and will implement any or all of the following disciplinary actions:
  1. Verbal discussion between staff and participant, documented in writing
  2. Written warning issued to participant from HYSC’s Executive Director.
  3. Suspension of Harvest Years Senior Center privileges for the remainder of the day on which the incident occurred.
  4. 90 day suspension from participating in any Harvest Years Senior Center activities and programs.
  5. Ban from attending any Harvest Years Senior Center activities and programs.
  6. Request for assistance from police in response to dangerous or threatening circumstances or behaviors.
The Harvest Years Senior  Center follows the requirements established by the Delaware Division of Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities in accordance with Sec. 3027(a)(S}(B) of the Older Americans Act, which requires the establishment of a grievance procedure for older individuals who are dissatisfied with or denied services.

To file a grievance, the participant must state the complaint in writing to the Executive Director within 10 Business days of the occurrence. The letter shall include:
  1. Name, address, date, telephone number.
  2. A clear statement identifying the issue.
  3. A full statement about his/her position on the issue, along with pertinent facts and reasoning in support of his/her issue.
  4. What corrective action is being requested.
  5. Signature.
Within 10 business days of receiving the above, staff will acknowledge, in writing, that the written complaint has been received. The complaint will be reviewed by the center staff and management. Within 45 days the participant will be notified, in writing, concerning the outcome of the review. The review may support, modify, reverse, or maintain the original decision. A copy of the review will be kept on file at the Harvest Years Senior Center.
A participant may request an appeal if they are not satisfied with the results of the review. The appeal should be requested, in writing, to the HYSC Executive Director. The appeal hearing shall take place within 10 days of receipt of the review. This hearing will allow the participant the opportunity to present a statement of facts and additional pertinent information. Center staff will notify the participant in writing regarding the date, time, and location of the appeal.

The appeal hearing will take place before the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. Harvest Yeas Senior Center will issue a written final decision to the participant within 10 days after the meeting.

As a member of the Harvest Years Senior Center;
  1. I accept the responsibility of keeping my contact information on this form up to date.
  2. I am aware that while participating in any physical fitness activity or program at the Harvest Years Senior Center, certain risks and dangers may be present.
  3. I attest to and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in physical fitness activities and that I have obtained approval from my physician to participate in such activities.
  4. I consent to the Harvest Years Senior Center use of photographs and/or videotaping made of participants.
I acknowledge that I have received and read the Harvest Years Senior Center Membership and Activity Eligibility Requirements and fully understand the membership requirements.
  1. I do hereby release and forever discharge the Harvest years Senior Center agents, employees, and volunteers from any and all actions, causes of actions, liability, claims or demands for or by reason of any damage, loss, or injury which may be sustained by me as a result of my participation at the Harvest Years Senior Center.
  2. Name (please print)                                                                   Signature
  3. Today’s Date
  4. The Harvest Years Senior Center reserves the right to rescind the membership of an individual who cannot satisfy the membership requirements, and/or behavioral policies stated in the Harvest Years Senior Center Membership and Activity Eligibility Requirements